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Rid the Rocket


The Rid the Rocket Challenge invites individuals, teams, and organizations to submit solutions for innovative ways to build a new chemical detection method that can be used by astronauts following space flight. The detection of Hydrazine/MMH is a critical safety procedure in space flight. It’s expected that this challenge yield, qualified solutions that will be tested at the NASA White Sands facility.

CHALLENGE GOAL: This project seeks new and innovative sample methods that can detect Hydrazine/Monomethyl hydrazine (MMH) via colorimetric analysis.

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Launch Date

January 10, 2023

Prize Pool

Number of Phases
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While registering your interest in this challenge, you'll be provide with access to the official rules and full challenge detail on the Floor23 InnoBear Platform, where this challenge is hosted.

Phase 1 : Closed

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