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The Grounded & Gutsy™️ Leader

Exceed commitments by leading people in the most transparent, compassionate and honest way.

24 - 40 hours

Virtual or In Person

Starting from $2700 per participant

Open honest and transparent leadership takes guts. Leading a team to reach its goals requires resilience and interpersonal connection on the part of the leader and trust from the direct reports.

In the Grounded and Gutsy™️ Leader, learning how to communicate with authenticity and transparency will be at the core. Taking elements of active listening, trust-building, emotional intelligence and visionary leadership to have the leader walking away with a full and confident ownership of their outcomes, and full knowledge that their decisions have a supporting cast, peer leaders.


  • Provide direct feedback to direct reports, peers, and managers at all levels.

  • Build relationships with people at all levels.

  • Trust decision making with confidence and evidence.

* Minimum cost of 20 participants apply. Subject to facilitation and production management fees. Some additional discounts may apply. Prices are not reflective of Partner pricing.

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