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Wobbly Balance™️: Self Care + Commitment

Commit to taking care of self in a way that supports replenishing of value to every day work and life commitments and to self aspirations

2.5 hours

Virtual or In Person

Starting from $250 per participant

When doing good work takes more time that taking care of self, it usually comes with unintended consequences. Both for the employee (health issues, anxiety, stress, frustration) and for the employer (missed deadlines, reduced quality work, higher medical contributions). So how to support bring the best self at work at the best self to self?

Wobbly Balance™️: Self Care + Commitment supports participants in life and work design that provides the self-define balance to tackle both. Everyone deserves and appreciates the ability to be absolutely amazing at fulfilling their responsibilities outside and inside of themselves. It's a win-win.


  • Align self-time and work-time to maximize output.

  • Reduce or prevent anxiety relative to deadlines, work and life pressure.

  • Increase feelings of joy and control over personal value and contribution.

* Minimum cost of 20 participants apply. Subject to facilitation and production management fees. Some additional discounts may apply. Prices are not reflective of Partner pricing

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