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Culture Ready™️: If You Were Me

Recognizing and responding to unconscious and implicit bias, stereotypes, and microagression.

8 hours

Virtual or In Person

Starting from $350 per participant

Walking in shoes not your own, for even just a moment can alter a perspective for the better. The way communication and collaboration happens between coworkers is best optimized with the ability to see a diverse set of viewpoints. Optimize and fully heard and seen communication leads to better and brilliant outcomes.

In Culture Ready™️: if You Were Me participants will interactively look through the lens of a diverse (race, gender, sexual orientation, ability) set of perspectives and understand the impact of communication choices, written, spoken and non-verbal, and their impact when used or misunderstood.


  • Identify unconscious and implicit bias at play.

  • Recognize microagressions and stereotype and actively advocate for alternative communication.

  • Create strategies for inclusive and equitable engagement on projects and programs.

* Minimum cost of 20 participants apply. Subject to facilitation and production management fees. Some additional discounts may apply. Prices are not reflective of Partner pricing.

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