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Agile Everyday™️

Adopt a mindset that allows for flexibility and prioritization of value, collaboration, focus, and speed in any role.

4 - 8 hours

Virtual or In Person

Starting from $300 per participant

How to think flexibly and act with speed on only the things that move the needle?

That's putting an Agile mindset to work. In Agile Everyday™️ participants learn what it means to be agile and use Agile, including highlights of common methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban and how they can be applied to the work that gets done day in and day out regardless of the job to be done. Participant will get steeped in understanding validated learning and how to apply it to not ensure time spent on priority work is always worthwhile.


  • Determine what work is valuable and what work is waste.

  • Execute swiftly to move critically important items to completion.

  • Change paths and negotiate pathways on tasks with ease and confidence.

* Minimum cost of 20 participants apply. Subject to facilitation and production management fees. Some additional discounts may apply. Prices are not reflective of Partner pricing.

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