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Idea + Opportunity OVERFLOW™️

Assemble minds to find and create a path to implement the next big breakthrough product or process idea to achieve desired growth

16 - 24 hours

Virtual or In Person

Starting from $550 per participant

How to find and accelerate the big ideas that become company goldmines or revolutionary process improvements?

Ideas matter and having good ones combined with solid execution can mean the difference between lasting success or inevitable failure. Every company and industry is ripe for disruption, so the ability to maintain innovation and possibility is critical

In Ideas + Opportunity OVERFLOW, participants will brainstorm and extract key ideas relative to a particular initiative, or problem to be solved. Participants will sift through ideas that may have lied dormant, or just need a little extra prodding to bring to the surface, then determine the best ones to take action on and be support to create a step by step action path.

Learning about the process of innovation happens through the team most important and pressing innovation and ideation priority.


  • Ideate to solve any problem or challenge step by step execution plan for pressing challenge.

  • Strengthened team collaboration and open communication

* Minimum cost of 20 participants apply. Subject to facilitation and production management fees. Some additional discounts may apply. Prices are not reflective of Partner pricing.

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