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InnoFrog™ is a live and on-demand learning application that supports commercialization of ideas through entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and overall technology transfer training to support bringing ideas to market. 
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Spaces Home Interiors

Industry: Interior Design
Company Size: Startup
Location: Tampa, Florida, USA
Use Case: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training |
Customer Discovery | Business Model Development

The Challenge

Andrea, founder and CEO of Spaces Home Interiors had a portion of her entrepreneurial assignment in motion. Interior Design and changing people’s space to enhance their life experience was the work to be done, but who she was serving and how she was serving, was out of alignment with the real assignment and business opportunity waiting for her, and that showed as getting an average of $200 per client she worked with for an insane amount of hours, service and commitment to them.

The Solution (And our approach)

We worked with Andrea to re-look at her business model and create a product offer that was truly in line with the impact she was supposed to make in the world. Ensuring that every piece of the pie (pricing, service, positioning, dream client) fell in line with the vision she'd been given but hadn’t yet achieved.

Lastly, we supported her with 1 to 1 coaching sessions. Sessions that supported the understanding not only of the logistics of her go-to market strategy, but of the softer items that can disrupt commercialization activities for startup entrepreneurs;
Coaching for the reminder that her worthiness has never been in question and that the transformations/value that she and her team create are worthy of the price tag for Spaces Home Interior's customer base.


Andrea 50x’d her per client revenue within 8 weeks after her new offer and her new client target completed the alignment she was missing for her big assignment.

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