Our approach to developing people…

Free them to unleash their human possibility…lay the growth path for them to step into, then support and observe the transformation.

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Validated Learning is a concept arising out of The Lean Startup

commonly applied to introducing new business ideas by “doing” then observing the results. It is a core principal we apply to learning and development, by having participants absorb knowledge, then get hands-on and real-world…”do”…to real-time support their actual growth into the desired behavior and actions.

Our work centers on validated learning and brings into the mix and agile mindset to create the conditions required for people and organizations to change and grow. At the core of everything we do is our proprietary Finding Freedom 4 step method of human capital development.

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The end result is humans and organizations observably positioned to tackle any challenge.

It’s not enough to train, impart knowledge, and walk away. Our validated learning-centered approach ensures that what you learn is what you do, and whether or not the change will happen is visible before the support has left the room.

Why pay for training, that no one uses, adopts, or becomes transformed? 

Know the results of learning now…not years later.

Our development focuses on five domains of growth, that when developed and put in motion provide powerful human capacity to shift personal, organizational and economic outcomes.

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