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About Us

Get to know Floor23 and the team that drives the momentum forward

Here at Floor23 we're lovers of freeing human brilliance. Our laser beams are pointed toward solving tough, worthwhile problems and interactions through free-thinking human intelligence.

In short...we're lovers of freedom and the quantum impact it can have organizationally and economically when people are able to bring their ideas, and voices and be heard.

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Oustanding Business of the Year 

The Governor of Wisconsin awarded us the Outstanding Business Award in the women-owned business category.

Our Story

Navigate our story from the beginning.

Meet The Team

Meet the cast and crew of Floor23.

Based in Wisconsin 
Operating Worldwide



Our Values

Our values and principles.

  1. Every Individual Matters: No one is greater than the other, and every human has value to contribute regardless of who and where they are...find it. Maximize it.

  2. Speed over Perfection: Always assume you can be wrong, so move quickly to get real-world evidence of the truth.

  3. Assist Freedom: It is a right and is deserving to every human and organization, however they may choose to define it...getting there is always a worthy ideal.

  4. Untold Stories are Gold: Everyone has more to the story. The more unlocks the true value and the satisfaction. Find it.

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