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Community & Public Engagement

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Floor23 is a revolutionary open innovation platform managing and solving product, process, and public engagement problems through crowd-based challenges, and participant education.

Manage every step of your innovation and engagement journey.

Some of the clients that trust our innovation superpower

 The Open Innovation Platform

Floor23 manages crowd-based challenges that support bringing in solutions, insight and creating learning opportunities across the below 5 areas.

Launch a challenge and use the crowd to create your next product Netfilx.

Bring brainstorming to more brains and create a challenge to find that unicorn idea.

Use a challenge to get buy-in from residents for the next infrastructure project.

Host a challenge and leverage our education to train kids and adults to adopt innovation skills.

Create a challenge and get the crowd to research the tech moves you should make next.

Floor23 for New Product Development

Develop new products with a crowd

Tap into a global community of innovators, entrepreneurs and experts to bring the best solutions for your product development journey. Our platform provides you with an easy-to-use interface to run challenges that will yield the most creative and competitive solutions.

Floor23 for Public and Community Engagement

Engage Your Community with Digital Challenges

Floor23 makes public engagement more interactive and accessible than ever before. Create challenges to get citizens involved in solving problems, gain education, and make their voices heard in a fun, incentivized, and communal way.

Floor23 for Technology and Market Research

 Accelerate Your Understanding of Technology and Markets with Crowd-Based Research


Floor23's crowd-based research capability enables you to explore new technologies and markets with the help of an engaged community. Create research challenges to get a breadth of perspective on a topic or market in a fraction of the time, and see meaningful results quickly.

Floor23 for Ideation Management

Unlock the Power of Ideation and Manage the inflow of ideas

Harness the power of distributed ideation by setting up challenges to collect ideas from anyone, anywhere. Easily organize and track these ideas into the next steps to make the most promising ones a reality.

NEWSROOM: Floor23 awarded by NASA on $175 Million contract to accelerate open innovation to solve the US Government's toughest problems

See the press release to learn more about how Floor23 will impact open innovation for NASA and the immense value it provides...

Your innovation partners are more than just a number

Crowdsourcing with Diversity In Mind

A measure of your potential for innovation success may have been described to you as highly dependent on the number of people inside of a “community.” Well the truth is what’s most important in having a good breadth of solutions... is the diversity of the participant pool. Diversity across a number of areas including, race, gender, industry, location, occupation and more can not only bring unimaginable solutions to the table, but can also provide you insight that may shape your product, process, or even partner roadmaps for a win.

We make diversity a critical piece of open innovation, not an afterthought or defacto result:

Our Brilliance Participant Pool Method  gathers the data on who’s providing you solutions, can ensure you have a broad spectrum of participation, and after you’ve awarded your solutions, can provide you the insight that may shape your next strategic move

Professional Services

Professional Services

Whether innovation strategy development, additional or managed services to support innovation challenge delivery, execution of pilot or ongoing programs, or other needs supporting the scale-up of your innovation and engagement efforts...we're likely able to help...let's talk about what's possible with the Floor23 platform and our services.

A word from the CEO

Candace Spears


The freedom of mind and spirit to contribute and create opportunity through innovative thought and action is what we celebrate.


Solving the worlds greatest challenge and capturing the most important opportunities with human brilliance is why we're here.


Let's get you connected to support human brilliance for the right stage of your innovation journey.

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