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Open Innovation Management

Expand innovation capacity and commercialize with speed

Floor23 is an open innovation platform suite that incorporates the value chain to not only tap into external talent, but to also develop and capitalize on those ideas through commercialization, and internal process integration.

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NEWSROOM: Floor23 awarded by NASA on $175 Million contract to accelerate open innovation to solve the US Government's toughest problems

See the press release to learn more about how Floor23 will impact open innovation for NASA and the immense value it provides...

Accelerate your innovation
Fists in Solidarity

Tap into external innovation partners

Power new solutions with diverse talent in any form from individuals, universities, startups and even customers.

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Simplify the solution generation process

Manage the callout to innovation partners for solutions, be it ideas, prototypes, data solutions, and anything in between.

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Equip the partners and team to commercialize

Make great solutions commercially viable, go-to-market, and be able to rinse and repeat with standards and processes.

How It Works:
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